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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Olde South Bulldogges is to produce genetically healthier Olde English Bulldogge puppies.

We take a bold approach to breeding Bullies. Foundation dogs in our program are selected first and foremost for Health, Temperament, Thick Bone, Wide Chest, Big Blocky Heads, Solid Structure and Extreme Bully looks. In partnership with Heavy Hitters Bulldogs, Dogface Kennels, and Best West Bulldogs we have put together an innovative family of top producing Oldies.

Olde South Bulldogges has a reputation for breeding healthy well adjusted puppies that have documented blood lines with 5 generation pedigrees. Every dog at Olde South can be traced back to the top foundation dogs in the world. We will answer any questions about a pup’s pedigree or our health guarantee before you buy. We build a client relationships with each puppy sale and provide you, the consumer, with the documentation and guidance that will help you care for your puppy.

Owning one of our Olde English Bulldogge puppies is an opportunity to maintain the integrity of this amazing breed. Our puppies go on to live with people of all walks of life including single adults, couples, families with children, military families, the elderly, movie stars, and sports figures. Some of our celebrity clients include Berry Kerch, the drummer for the highly successful band Shinedown, and Johnny VanZant of the infamous Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Olde English Bulldogges give families companionship and lots of entertainment. More trainable and athletic than modern English bulldogs, they make great companions and their looks can scare off home intruders. OEB’s are competitive show dogs and provide love and loyalty to all members of the family. All of the bulldogges we produce are able to go jogging, hiking, boating, camping, and to the beach. Our Old English Bulldog puppies like to lay around the house and watch TV, sleep in the human bed, and will happily entertain you all day long. You will never regret the decision to bring the original bulldog into your home.


Blue Angel is bred to Krusher pregnancy confirmed by ultra sound. Puppies expected April 7th. We anticipate blue brindle and blue trindle pups in this litter. Currently accepting Pick of the litter deposits.
Lila is bred to Mack. Puppies expected April 20th. There will be brindle and black and white pups in this litter. This is Lila's last litter. Stay tuned...if you want one of these pups act fast they will sell quickly!!
Krusher is bred to Pearl pregnancy confirmed by ultra sound. Puppies are expected April 1st. Currently accepting pick of the litter deposits. Contact me by phone of form.

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