Olde English Bulldogge Puppies by Olde South Bulldogges

Registered with the IOEBA-Raised with Care-A Few at a Time.


Olde South’s Blue Lavender and Heavy Hitters Krusher had 7 gorgeous babies December 18th, 5 boys 2 girls. Three of the puppies are black trindle the rest are brindle. We have 1 brindle male puppy still available in this litter.

Breaking NEWS!!! Bishop and Lucy had 4 beautiful rare colored pups January 9th 3 girls and 1 boy. Pictures are posted only 1 female puppy is available act fast!!!

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Olde South English Bulldogges Raised with Care – A Few at a Time.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Olde South English Bulldogges is to produce genetically healthier Olde English Bulldogge puppies We take a bold approach to breeding Bullies. Foundation dogs in our program are selected first and foremost for Health, Temperament, Thick Bone, Wide Chest, Big Blocky Heads, Solid Structure and Extreme Bully looks. In partnership with Heavy Hitters Bulldogs, Dogface Kennels, and Best West Bulldogs we have put together an innovative family of top producing Oldies.

Being a successful breeder of Olde English Bulldogge Puppies in today’s internet marketplace requires a special vision, dedication, and knowledge. A successful breeding program requires forethought and the ability to make difficult decisions often at the spur of the moment. Many of these very important attributes cannot be obtained with a couple litters out of a few dogs as a hobby breeder. We have been working with our Olde English bulldogge puppies program for a number of years. We got our first OEB bulldog in 1994. We continue to learn new things with every litter. We have done many different types of breedings using different bloodlines. We have experience with producing rare colors in our Olde English Bulldogge puppies like blues, blacks, and tri-colors. I have a degree in biochemistry with an emphasis in genetics. This has given us a unique advantage and allows us to pass on to our buyers in depth knowledge regarding breeding practices and genetic inheritance through first hand experience and advanced education.

Finding the right bulldog is very important, as you want the whole family to enjoy your new Olde English bulldogge puppy, and it does not hurt to turn the heads of on lookers when they see a really nice bulldog. It is great to have a Bulldogge that you can be proud of that is very healthy and why not one with a rare color! Like blue tri, chocolate, blue brindle, or black tri?

We are full time professional breeders of Olde English Bulldogge puppies at Olde South Bulldogges. Hobby breeders are most likely just breeding their pets and have not purchased breeding quality adults to produce exceptional puppies. They are not going to be able to provide the same service, education, and attention to details including bloodline analysis, pedigree review, and guidance for health issues that may arise. Hobby breeders often have to work out of the home so that they do not have the time to be home with their female dogs when they have puppies. We are responsible and ethical breeders of Olde English Bulldogge puppies and very dedicated to the health of the breed. We work with the puppies daily encouraging them to be socialized bulldogs. At Olde South we educate every level of Bulldogge buyer so they are able to care for their new puppy responsibly.

If you are considering the purchase of Olde English Bulldogge puppy think about the advantages of buying from an educated and responsible breeder. As a potential owner of a new pup you may find some lower prices on the internet. Be careful bulldogs are not cheap!! If you find a puppy priced below the regular market  it is possible that they are stolen, sickly, or that you may be purchasing a picture of a bulldog stolen by a scammer on the internet. Make sure you call and talk to a real person that lives in the country that you are purchasing from an IOEBA registered kennel. If the breeder will not allow you to come to their facility to view the pups and their mother then there may be some serious problems or concerns with how the dogs are kept and the conditions the puppies live under. Often scammers sell you a stolen picture of Old English bulldogs puppies from a breeder’s webpage. Make sure you are not getting taken. Many of my customers have told us of these terrible scams. If an Olde English Bulldogge puppy is priced below $1200 BEWARE! It has been said before that “good things are seldom cheap and cheap things are seldom good”. We have invested alot of time and money into our breeding program making it what it is today. We have spared no expense assembling together the top of the line  highest quality dogs available today. We do not produce inferior dogs and we do not “settle” for second best.

If you want to avoid many of the health problems associated with line-bred AKC modern English Bulldogs consider  Olde English Bulldogge.. the original bulldog. They are very healthy and more athletic than the English bulldog. They are loyal and just as adorable as the modern English Bulldog…

At Olde South we produce a variety of rare colors including blue tri, blue brindle, black tri, black trindle, and blue trindle Olde English Bulldogge puppies. Olde South Bulldogges has a reputation for breeding healthy pets that have documented blood lines and 5 generation pedigrees that trace back to the top foundation dogs in the world. We will answer any questions about a pup’s pedigree and our health guarantee before you buy. We build client relationships with each puppy sale and provide you, the consumer, with the documentation and guidance that will help you care for your high-quality Olde English bulldogs puppy for life.

Owning one of our Old English Bulldog Puppies is an opportunity to maintain the integrity of the breed and health of this cousin of the modern English Bulldog. Our Olde English Bulldogge Puppies go on to live with single adults, couples, children, military families, the elderly, movie stars, sports figures, and people of all walks of life. Some of our celebrity clients include Berry Kerch, the drummer for the highly successful band shinedown, and Johnny VanZant of the infamous Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Old English Bulldog Puppies give families canine companionship and entertainment. More trainable and athletic then modern English bulldogs, they make great companions, their looks can scare off home intruders, they are competitive as show dogs, and provide love and loyalty to members of the home over the dog’s lifetime. All of the bulldogges we produce are able to go jogging, hiking, and to the beach with you. All of our Old English Bulldogge puppies like to lay around the house and watch TV, sleep in your bed, and entertain you all day long. You will have to commit to many years of supervising and caring for your pet but this time investment is totally worth the effort as they enrich families lives! You will never regret the decision to bring the original bulldog into your home and share the love that only an Old English Bulldogs puppy brings with your family and friends. If you are going to invest in a bulldog why not get one that is healthier, has a fantastic look, and is unique to you and your family. Please call or text 904-314-7048.