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Olde English Bulldogge Puppies for Sale

We offer top quality olde english bulldogge puppies and provide nationwide shipping. All our olde english bulldogges are very bully in appearance with wonderful temperaments. Sires are from champion bloodlines including Joyful Acres Kennel and Heavy Hitters Old English Bulldogs. All of the puppies by are socialized with children and fit in immediately to any family situation. All puppies are registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association. Olde South Bulldogges is an IOEBA premium kennel. Purchase of Old English bulldogs puppies from us includes a Florida health certificate, first shots and worming, puppy contract with health guarantee, and registration papers with 5 generation pedigree. Prices vary on each litter from $1500 and up. All deposits are $500 and are non-refundable to hold a pup. Pups must be paid in full before or on delivery.

We ship to anywhere in the United States and Canada.
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We do NOT offer any stud service with our males.
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When selecting your Old English Bulldogs puppies look very closely at the Mother and the Father. Generally, the pups will take on the characteristics of the Dam and the Sire Bulldogge. So if you like the parents, chances are you will be happy with the puppy. For the more advanced buyer, the pedigree is going to be important when deciding on a Pup. We provide a 5 generation certified pedigree on all available Olde English bulldogs puppies. IOEBA provides the conformational breed standards at their website. Visit them to become educated about what characteristics are acceptable for the breed.

An important concern when selecting your Olde English Bulldogs puppies is the pup’s temperament. If you are concerned a Bulldogge might be too aggressive, we will put your mind at ease. None of the Olde English bulldogs puppies from Olde South are aggressive in anyway.  Our Old English Bulldogs puppies are raised by the family, for the family. Olde South’s Bulldogges have been carefully chosen and bred with temperament in mind. Olde South does not own or breed Bulldogges that are aggressive by nature. It takes a firm but gentle and consistent hand to raise these pups. We always recommend Obedience training as a puppy from a professional dog trainer.

 Quality is expensive! You are not purchasing from a fly by the night kennel, with no or very little experience and bargain priced Olde English Bulldogs Puppies. You are buying from one of the best in the business. We pride ourselves on our white glove service and in depth knowledge of OEB. Call Robyn Comeau 904-314-7048.

 We provide pictures when our Olde English Bulldogge puppies are of age to best represent their potential for interested buyers. This is normally at 2 to 4 weeks of age. I price each puppy individually based on their particular overall conformation. Other factors in pricing include markings,  rare color, parents, age, size, even time of year. We do not have a set price for males and females each puppy has it’s own price. Our pricing varies from litter to litter and even within litters. The price includes breeding rights and there is no discount for pet only or no papers needed. Once our pups are posted for sale it is strictly a first come first serve option. Our website, facebook page, and blog is updated daily. We do not consider a puppy sold until a deposit or payment is placed. Please note that we have many inquiries and phone calls on individual puppies and are happy to answer all questions you may have but cannot consider a puppy sold until an actual deposit of $500 has been placed on an individual puppy. We do try our very best to return calls and messages in the order received in an order to be fair to everyone. Unfortunately we’ve had to answer many disappointed callers or emailers over the years who are told the pup they’ve been inquiring about has now been sold and is no longer available.  So if you are wanting a certain puppy make  a deposit ASAP otherwise the next time you email or call the pup may be sold! Deposits are good for 2 years and can be transferred to another puppy. Once a deposit is received by Olde South  the puppy is considered sold and a contract made between buyer and seller. The puppy will be marked and indicated SOLD at that time on the site.  The balance of the purchase price would then be due when Olde English bulldogs puppies are picked up or 48 hours prior to shipping . If the buyer defaults on the sale the deposit would be considered nonrefundable as the sale of the puppy would have then be delayed and possible sales lost.  We can apply deposits to other pups. We are able to accept mastercard, visa and discover for your convenience, through Pay Anywhere the pay pal version of Square, as well as PayPal under the email: comeau.charles@gmail.com. You no longer need an actual PayPal account to pay by credit card, through PayPal.  Just click on the Payments link and hit the Pay Now button, then either login to your account or hit the link for paying by credit card without a PayPal account.  If you prefer to mail the balance payment, we accept bank cashier’s checks and postal money orders but the payment must arrive within 72 hours or the puppy is naturally considered available for sale once again and payment is assumed not arriving as promised.

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